Friday, February 1, 2008

Dhanush Choosy

Dhanush, is taking care of his call sheets, remuneration and his personnel life after his marriage. Previously his secretary used to handle the issues, but it is said that after the success of Polladhavan he is believed to be very much concentrated in his career and his life and is said to be very much choosy in selecting his future films subject.

Dhanush has recently accepted two films. One is the film with the Polladhavan producer and the other film is said to be with raja, the producer of recent Rameshwaram.

However, the choice of the Director for the two projects is yet to be decided and Dhanush immediate next film is also still undecided. Well, these two projects are said to be starting their schedule s from June 2008.

Meanwhile, Dhanush has developed a new trait as an entertaining speaker in the public functions. Satyaraj who is known for his colorful and hilarious speeches, and is said to be an idol for dhanush for the mesmerized. dhanush has perfect ionized in the speeches as this was witnessed at the function of Anjathae audio release

When asked about this, dhanush replies that he speaks from his heart and never speaks from his mind and so is liked by everyone.

Since his film bearing the title of his father in law’s movie Polladhavan was a huge hit around Deepavali and is said to be collected a amount of 30 crores and is also being remade into Telugu with Chiranjeevi’s son, Charan teja and hope’s to continue the same in his next film “Murattukaalai”

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