Sunday, February 10, 2008

No Love with Vishal : Priyamani

On his Valentine message to his fans through the leading Tamil Daily, Vishal said that he was in love with a female who is also in the cine field and as of now the love is one sided as he has not yet disclosed or got the approval of the female.

Vishal also mentioned that the female has lots of "Priyam" for him and he too has lots of Priyam on that girl.

As the word PRIYAM was used by him, every one started gossiping that he is mentioning about Priyamani who is doing few films in Telugu after an utter failure in Tamil.

When Priyamani was contacted about the so called Love of Visha with her, she was upset as she is just now trying her luck in Telugu. She says "Kaadhalaavathu, Keetalaavathu, nothing is like that for me with Vishal, even though he may be my good friend"

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