Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ajith's Next Venture

After the success of Billa, Ajith has moved on to his next project being directed by dance master Raju Sundaram and produced by Ayngaran International. This film has naturally evinced a lot of interest among his fans and the first schedule of it was recently completed at Hong Kong. An interesting fact about this film is that it went on floors without a name which was undecided for along time.

However this issue has been solved with the crew baptizing the project as 'Aegan'. The etiology of the word points to the verses of Sivapuranam Р'Aegan, anegan, iraivanadi vazhga'. Few consultations with Tamil litt̩rateurs revealed that Aegan refers to Lord Shiva who is the 'one and only' or the 'unique'. Questions were also raised if this word belongs to Tamil or is it some kind of a non-Tamil word which has found its way into the language as this may pose a problem to the producer in availing the state government's entertainment tax rebate. But even that question has also been put to rest with confirmations coming from authentic sources that Aegan is a pure, chaste Tamil word only. Perhaps an aftermath of the film may have this title as a prefix to Ajith's name. Wishing the unit of Aegan all success.

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