Thursday, February 21, 2008

Billa's Production House - Ayangaran Int - on a roll

Ayngaran International is gearing up to be a major presence in Kollywood. They made headlines when they signed up to co-produce Shankar’s Robot, and followed it up quickly as producers of Vasanthabalan’s Angadi Theru. Ayngaran’s newest big project as producer is Vishnuvardhan’s Sarvam. After Billa, Vishnu has become the hottest new director in town, and Ayngaran snapped him up without wasting too much time.

Last morning at their Chennai office, Ayngaran International held a pooja for Vishnuvardhan’s Sarvam which will star Arya and Trisha. Originally, the story was conceived with Surya in mind. Arya is still busy with Naan Kadavul, and ditto for Trisha who is tied up with Abhiyum Naanum. Once these stars have their dates free, Ayngaran hopes to announce the shooting schedule for Sarvam. It wasn’t very long ago when Ayngaran for most of us meant international distributors of high quality Tamil DVDs. And now they’re big players in the industry.

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krish said...

its "on a roll" and not on a role...

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