Friday, February 22, 2008

Will A.R.Rahman get the Oscar ?????

The Indian maestro A.R. Rahman has just completed a new English movie, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, directed by Shekar Kapur - an Indian as well. It is a sequel of Shekar’s very popular - Oscar winner and multiple Oscar nominee - Elizabeth. Big names like Kate Blanchett, Oscar nominee Clive Owen and Geoffrey Rush are involved in this project.

The first movie was made at a budget of $25 million and garnered more than $60 million all over the world, and also bagged an Oscar for the best make up. Apart from this, it was also nominated for the Best Actress in a Leading Role award, Best Art Direction-Set Decoration award, Best Cinematography award, Best Costume Design, including Best Picture award and not to forget the Best Music - Original Dramatic Score by David Hirschfelder. David will also work in this colossal project along with A.R. Rahman. The sequel of Elizabeth is getting much bigger with much higher budget.

Also, chances are high for A.R. Rahman to be nominated for an Oscar. Shekar Kapur, one of the finest directors that India has ever produced is very optimistic about this movie. It will be released in the US this October and Indian audience can catch this movie in the theatres only by next year. Hope we get good news by January and better news by March.

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