Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Yuvan joins the Divorce list

Yuvan Shankar Raja, second son of Illayaraja and who is busy in cine industry than his elder, seek the family court for divorce.

In 2002 Yuvan was in London to participate in a music show. There he met a girl who was at his same age and named "Chandiran Sujaya". Now both are aged 28. Sujaya had citizenship of Briton.

On 30.09.2003, both registered their marriage in a register office at London. On 21.03.2005, formally the marriage was announced to public by Illayaraja and a wedding ceremony was arranged at Ramanathan Chettiyar Hall in Chennai.

After the marriage, the couple got settled in Chennai as a separate family, keeping away from Illayaraja, while Yuvan's elder brother Karthik is living together with his parents.

During 2006, both had disputes and started living separately. The reason for dispute was told that, as Yuvan is busy in his music projects, he was not able to attend and care his wife's private requirements.

The couple approached a family court in Chennai seeking divorce on 7th of August 2007, and the judge tried his level best to make the couple live together. He postponed the case for 6 months to try whether there will be any possibility for the couple to join again.

As six months was over, there was no any sign of rejoining, with no other option, the judge gave them divorce on 11.02.2008

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