Monday, February 25, 2008

Who was Trisha before becoming an actress????

Today Trisha might be in top in Kollywood and Tollywood or even she may have a flag of her own or put conditions to accept offers or even damage the cut-outs of the leading hero in the industry.

How did she started her career? If you say she started as a heroine then you are wrong. She actually appeared in the movie Jodi, in which Prasanth and Simran have paired. Trisha came for a single shot in that movie as one of the friends of Simran.

This applies for Barathi, the girl of Ammuvaakiya Naan. She was one among in Thirudaa Thirudi, in which Danush used to push. For Kushboo, she started her career as a bar dancer.

These females now only talk about rocket technology and never land in grounds to tell us the truth that they all started as extra! Why do they behave like this? Any idea?

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