Monday, February 11, 2008

Rajni no to Politics as of now

Rajini speaks pure Telugu, pure Marathi, pure Kannada etc., but he speaks an non predictable, un-understanding language when a question is asked to him about his political future and plans.

Rajini was in Andhra recently to participate in a marriage function in the family of his assistant.

While speaking to reporters, he was found speaking in a very clear and fluent Telugu.

When a question came up about his future plans in politics, his reply was "No one will be knowing what will happen tomorrow, but today I am busy doing a couple of movies and the project will take atleast 2 years to complete"

When he was asked whether he will support his friend Chiranjeevi in Andhra politics, he said "I will not involve in Andhra politics or recommend any one in particular to the people of Andhra"

To be noted here is that he always prefers Hindutva parties and recommend them more to the people.

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