Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Will SRK make his directorial Debut?

The latest buzz in Bollywood movie forums is talk of a probable sequel to Chak De India. Rumors of Shak Rukh himself (taking a leaf from Aamir Khan) directing the sequel did the rounds for a bit. The “Bollywood Fan” reported: “A source from the industry who's reputed to be close to SRK, mentioned, "The idea of making a sequel came to SRK after seeing the success of Chak De India at the box

office. SRK will be meeting Yash Chopra to obtain the necessary consent. The sequel begins with SRK marrying one of the girls from the team. The film will also revolve around women's hockey. The shooting is to begin from the middle of the next year". But now there’s new talk of Rani Mukerjee being in the lead, playing a woman coach. Director Shimit Amin and screenwriter Jaideep Sahni are supposed to be working on a script for Aditya Chopra. The idea of a woman coach is interesting but we’ll just have to wait and see what develops.


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Sara said...

It will be great to remake CDI bcoz it was a smash hit movie in 2007.Good inspiration movie for everybody.I m sure the remake of CDI will hit the big screen again.

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