Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ajith Pays final respect to Bokardia

After staring at his friend’s face intensely for a profound moment, Ajith turned his back and walked towards his vehicle. The coffin descended into the pit and the funeral service ended soon after. Ajith wasn’t in front of the camera and this isn’t a scene from one of his latest movies.

The actor’s intimate friend, financier Bokardia passed away recently and Ajith spent the day at his friend’s house consoling the bereaved family and relatives.

Ajith had been with the grieving family on the whole sad day skipping his meals. It is only upon insistence from Bokardia’s family that the actor reluctantly paid a visit to the nearby hotel for a meal.

Ajith shared enviable rapport and friendship with Bokardia and his family who also said to have assisted the actor during his financial hardships.

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