Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cine Girls wants to get assosiated with Vishal's Love but Vishal says it as untrue

Girls in cine industry who pair in movies with heroes who are in their fifties, always want to act with young heroes, so that their age will remain always 16.

Nayanthara who has paired with almost all old men in the industry is not ready to leave the opportunity being associated with the Vishal's love.

Presently Nayantara is taking rest in Thiruvella of Kerala - her home town. From there she approached media men who write cine news and gave a message asking not to associate her name with Vishal as she feels Vishal is just one of the co-starrer of her.

So the news has come in media flashing Nay's denial as Vishal's love. Nay is happy as she is now associated with the news.

There are many cine girls in queue giving parties to media men to write something relating them with Vishal.

But Vishal was immediate to say that all these gossips that came in the news released by Vikatan is absolutely False and said he has not uttered such thing.


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