Sunday, February 24, 2008

Kamal's next venture is Rs 200 Crore Budget

It was Kamal who used to speak about big budgets. But he kept away from Big Budgets to avoid taking risk. Then came a director in the name of Shankar who only speaks about BB.

For Shankar there was a man called Kunjumon who takes risk and invests. The Shankar - Kunjumon combination was a great success. But in the middle Kunjumon started cursing Shankar, by making comments like, Shankar is just successful because of the money invested only by him. By that time there were many producers who were willing to invest for Shankar.

Shankar moved to super star through Sivaji. Now Rajini - Shankar combo is doing Robo at a budget of Rs 100 Crores.

Now, Kamal is also set to go big but atleast at a budget that is double of Rajini's.

Kamal's Marmayogi will be produced at 200 Crores and the production company is from Hollywood.

The war is making the workers happy in Kollywood.

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