Saturday, February 9, 2008

Simbhu to meet everyone directly only after giving a Hit

Silambarasan is busy with two films in his kitty-‘Silambattam’ and ‘Kettavan’. We all are aware that Silambarasan is pairing up with Sana Khan for this film. But there is more to it! Our reports suggest that there is one more heroine role in the film.

The search for this second heroine is going on in full swing. Starting from ‘Karuppusamy Kuthagaitharar’ fame Meenakshi to Sherin, the director of the film is on a heroine hunt. But seems like the hero of the film Silambarasan is not too happy with the director’s list and wants to import a new face from our neighboring ‘god’s own country’.

It looks like Silambarasan has developed a fancy for chics from Kerala!

In the meantime, Silambarasan has self-imposed a rule on himself. He has decided to meet the press only after completing ‘Silambattam’ and ‘Kettavan’. The rule does not end there. He has also made up his mind to not attend any cinema functions during this time. The reason - the hero has decided to meet the world only after giving a hit.

Let’s hope Silambarasan hits the bulls-eye this time with 'Silambattam' and 'Kettavan'!

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