Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Padmapriya says a big yes to glamour

With a tone of hitting at Shreya and Namitha, Padmapriya announced yesterday that glamour is not just these female's individual property but is public and is always for public.

Now, in her next movie you can see Padmapriya in her natural dress - invisible costumes!

"Why is that Padmapriya wants to showcase things of her to public?" we asked, she says "An image has been created on me, as if I am just a family girl, I want to break that image and wanted to be identified as a girl who can do Item, which is my original. So, soon you can see me in a natural way."

One of her show will be in Tamil and another in Hindi. It seems Hindi will have more skin show than Tamil, because she is doing a bar dancer role for Hindi.

Already she is spreading her semi natural photos through Tamil magazines like Kumudam, Vikatan, Dinakaran etc., but sad thing is that nothing natural is found in her - curves missing!!!

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