Friday, February 1, 2008

Ajith now eyes Sexy Katrina

Ajith Kumar is very much delighted with his film’s success and the kind of review he is receiving from his fans. He is portrayed as a notorious gangster and also is said to have mimicked Rajnikanth in all aspects. But surely this has lead his film into more successful film and also won the critical acclaim of audience and his fans. He is now playing a good hubby to wife Shalini who is in the family way and is expecting their first child during January.

Ajith has decided to commence work on his next project under Raju Sundaram’s direction, earlier titled as Akbar, after his familial commitments are over.

The director has decided to put this time in hand to good use by hunting for leading ladies to be cast opposite Ajith . The script, he said, demands tow heroines and one of them will be played by Suhani . The hunt for the other heroine is going on. First Deepika padukone of OSO fame was approached, but she declined the offer and then Shriya was approached, but due to date problems she could not do it. Recently Parvathi Melton was approached and now the latest news is that Raju has approached Katrina and it is said that Katrina has committed to do the film. But still the official announcement is not yet done.

It will be a treat for fans to see their Thala opposite to Mumbai Bombshell. But if all goes well.

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