Friday, February 1, 2008

Namitha's Kissing Treat

Actress Namitha,who is known for her unlimited exposing and juicy bossom gave her fans a nice gift . in Chennai it was the day of celebrations welcoming the New Yerar 2008 ,Sadaf performed in the country club abd namitha in Lee Club hotel rocking the audiences with her Latkas and Jatkas. Sada did with her routine entertainment where as Namitha made her male fan’s bodies burn with high temperatures all around them with no reservations and hesitations in entertaining the crowd. When the lights turned off for a while at 12 am, some of her fan’s where allowed to kiss her and only Namitha could explain the rocking experience .ths came as a treat to her fans.

Hope that other actresses will follow this, and will entertain their fans in the same way Full year.

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