Saturday, February 2, 2008

Indralogathil Na.Azhagappan Movie Story and Review

Bottomline : Disappoints, Boredom, Slow Screenplay.

The much expected film Indralogathil... has hit the theatres on feb 1st. Produced by 7th Channel Manickam Narayanan, Directed by J.Thambi Narayanan starring by Vadivelu, the film has hit the screens. This was a much hyped movie after Imsai arasan was a big hit. But the film has dissapointed because of its slow screenplay with very less humour scenes.

The film goes like this. Vadivelu does 3 roles. One is Indran, the other one is Yama and then the Human Azhagappan. Azhagappan is a drama artist in the place Azhagar Kovil. Azhagappan's fate which was found by his mother through someone was that he will have 2 wives in which one of them will die. Before that Ramba from Indraloka fell in love with Azhagappan when she comes to earth along with OOrvasi and Menaka to enjoy the nature in the earth. Since she doesn't returns back to Indraloka before sunset she becomes a stone. Meanwhile Azhagappan whose fate was found, his friends decided to make him marry Ramba(Stone) so that his life with the second wife will be happy. But Ramba(stone) regains her body once she gets married to Azhagappan.

Ramba then takes Azhagappan to Indraloka for having fun every night from the earth. Azhagappan will return back to earth every morning to see his mother and his friends. Every night when Azhagappan goes to Indralokha, he visits all the places in the Heaven and then moves to see the Hell where Yama is present(Yamalokha). He sees how people after their death reaches the Hell and Heaven based on their conduct (Good and Bad) in the earth. Azhagappan also sees that people brought to heaven were tortured there. So he decides to look at the secret of the world in heaven and tell people in the earth about what is happening in the Hell and heaven. This finally reaches a position where each and every people in the world become good and number of people reaching heaven becomes zero. Seeing this Yaman gets angry and tries to see the reason for this. At that time Naradha (Naazar) comes to Yamalokha and tells Yama that the reason for this is Azhagappan who is the cause to reveal the secret of the god and make people good.

Due to these Indra punishes Ramba who is responsible to bring Azhagappan to Indralokha to become a ghost and he also punishes Azhagappan to become a 90 year old man and also told that if Azhagappan reveals this punishment to those in earth, then his mothers earth will burst off. Azhagappan then reaches earth and here he see his mother crying for him. Unable to show him, he struggles in earth as a old man and stay along with his mother just as a guest.

Meanwhile in the Indralokha the saint Maharishi tells that when Ramba puts garland on Azhagappan, they both will regain their original form. For this Naradha tells Ramba to go to Badrinath and asks her to enter the body of a women who looks like Ramba. Finally Ramba (Inside a lady) meets Azhagappan (Old Man) in Azhagar Kovil and Garlands him and they retain their own form(body). There Naradha Appears and tells that he played this game with Azhagappan because Azhagappanis born to serve the earth.

Although Indralogathil Na.Azhagappan is a comedy story, the film has very less Humour and the screenplay is very slow making the film boredom. One thing that we need to appreciatee is the art work of Thotta Dharani and Vadivelu's acting. Music and background score looks ordinary and there is no need for Shreya to do a item number which further slows down the Pace of the film.

If rated the film can be given 1.5 out of 10.


Anonymous said...

Disappointment after IA23P - 1/10. Not even a single scene makes to laugh even smile.

J said...


The Real Hero : Art Director Thotta tharani !

Very good camera work by Mr.Gopinath. Espcly INdralogam set lighting have done excellently !

Costume desingin also a notable good work !

Nothing else to say abt this movie !

Question 4 me :

1.How vadivelu & producer has accepted 2 this kind of loosely penned script ?


Anonymous said...

Looks like this movie has initiated the downturn of Vadivelu...audiences are not fools...even when directors used Amitabh Bachhan in each and very frame, such films were flatly rejected in the past. Now using vadivelu in frame in frame out is just the beginning of downfall of this talented comedian.

I foresee a new generation (from the likes of Asathapovathy/kalakkapovathu yaaru brigage) taking over the tamil comdey kingdom soon...

God bless Vadivelu...

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