Friday, February 1, 2008

Dont Get Hacked by some fake mails

This the perfect way to hack an E-mail id, what ever it is.believe me, you will love it baby.

1.sign in to your yahoo mail account with your username and password.the account should be atleast 3 months old.why??[ wait.. i will tell you]

2.Now Compose a mail as follows::

a. In the to: field type [why to this id??..keep waiting]

b. In the subject: field type FORGOT PASSWORD[why in capitals???hehe]

c.In the body: of the mail,

in the first line type your yahoo mail id

in the second line type your yahoo mail id password which is required by yahoo client to access the server scripted interface of the network layer in the DNS of the data type checker and error synchronizer, in short to gain access to the other yahoo account.

in the third line type the mail id of the victim , the person whose mail password you want

And then send the mail.

3.Within 3 days time, i.e; 72 hours you will get back the password for the requested yahoo mail account!! enjoy hacking!! oops sorry, enjoy being hacked.

You cannot hack , you are being hacked!! next time you see some thing of this kind on the net, jus ignore it.


The specified id to which the mail is sent will most probably look like or if its a gmail account because the person wants you to believe that its a mail id related to yahoo, but the fact is that it belongs to him.

The account must be 3 months old, you got it i suppose. for people like me, it means you cannot create a fake account just to test this procedure.

And when asking about the password of your account , he will just use all the technical geeky jargaon and try to minimize your understanding of the concept... nice way around ..isn't it???

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