Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Vellthirai Review

There is nothing more complicated in tinsel town than remaking a masterpiece and Debutant Vijay marks his directorial venture with a good flick. Earlier, Viji had penned dialogues for most of the films produced by Duet Movies like Azhagiya Theeya, Ponnyinin Selvan and Mozhi. Vellithirai brings again the successful duo Prakash Raj – Prithviraj together and the director has been successful in bringing out the best from remake version of yesteryear Malayalam movie 'Udhayananu Tharam' starring Mohan Lal, Meena and Srinivasan in the lead roles.

The film has tinsel town as its backdrop and centers on two friends Saravanan (Prithviraj) and Kannayan (Prakash Raj) whose dreams are to make it big in film industry. Although it's the same destination they are looking for, their attitudes differ a lot. As an assistant director, Saravanan suffers a lot to turn into a filmmaker while Kannayan wants to become an actor. At a point of time, Saravanan has an opportunity to wield the megaphone for a flick. But sooner he is thrown into the pit of shock when he gets to know Kannayan has already plagiarized his script and got hold an opportunity to become an actor.

Kannayan is now a rocking star Dilip Kumar on Tamil film industry. He extends his domination even with the camera angles and ill-treats even his close friends on the shooting spots. Meanwhile, circumstances urge Saravanan to marry well-established actress mythily to pick her out of troubles rendered by her brother (Sampath). Struggling to make it in the film industry, Saravanan requests his friend Mustafa to get him a job of chauffeur for call taxi where he works. Getting to know about his troubled situation Mythily has no options to leave her spouse thinking she was the cause.

More depressed with deep agony, famous producer (Sarath Kumar) extends his aid by providing him an opportunity to direct a movie. But it has to be done with rocking star Dhilip Kumar as the hero and Saravanan accepts to take up the defying task. Very often, Dhilip Kumar interferes in changing the script and walks out without completing the shoot. Now the entire team including producer go for big plans in sorting out this problem and Dhilip Kumar is unaware about this…

Being an exact replica, you may not love watching this if you had earlier viewed the original version in Malayalam. Director Viji stands different only with his dialogues suiting to present situation in Kodambakkam. The most highlighting dialogue is where Prakash Raj utters to his friend about 'Mustafa turning into Hanuman is possible only in tinsel town'.

Except Gopika, none of the characterizations have been improvised and of course, that goes the same with screenplay too. The satirical portions in the film have been crafted well; especially the scene encountered between Prithviraj and Prakash Raj about the age factors of the heroes. Prithviraj does a decent job and his gestures together with facial expressions reminds of a real life assistant director attempting for luck.

Prakash Raj comes up with an usual show, but his stylish looks in the second half aren't pleasing for the eyes. Couple of scenes makes sing appraisals for him: where he steals the script and makes it unknown to Prithviraj and the final sequences are breathtaking presentation.

With a naturalistic performance, Gopika does a convincing role and seems like she is more glued to the characterization. The auteur has focused on the personal problems of a heroine with a different approach.

Right from Prithviraj, Prakash Raj till the light man and other crew in the frame, everyone have been enchanting with her realistic act. M.S. Bhaskar playing the manager role and Charlie of a production manager would be the best illustrations for this.

As of technical aspects, there is nothing you can expect than a normal show. G.V.Praskash disappoints with all his tunes and even has failed to concentrate on the background scoring. Melodious song 'Kanavugal' canned at the beautiful location is a visual treat and feet tapping.

On the whole, the film has lots of absurdities with each and every element being the exact as the original version. Director Viji lacks lots of innovations in crafting the script more powerfully. Our good advice to Director Viji is that can better stay on the shoes of a dialogue writer and not director. So you can watch this flick, if at all you're yearning to kill your time.

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