Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pattabi on a roll for replacing Vadivelu and Vivek

Everyone in Kollywood dream about becoming either hero or heroine. Most of the directors of these days are acting as hero, while dance masters have already tried their luck. Even stunt masters are testing the waters, e.g.. Kananl Kannan - he is doing two movies now!!!

Comedians, who were once considered as pickles and sauce for the movie are in lead roles now.

As busy comedians like Vadivelu and Vivek are concentrating more on lead roles, new comers and people who were not able to shine because of these V&V are enjoying the gap.

Pattabi, who was busy in small screen is now very busy in silver screen. The guy Sandhanam who kills all of us in the name of comedy is also very busy.

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