Friday, March 14, 2008

Ajith - A good follower

Six months ago Rajusundaram ordered Ajith to grow a beard and Ajith obeyed the same. Ajith is found with beard for the past six months. Rajusundaram ordered Ajith to fight with Jakie Chan's stunt master. Ajith obeyed and the stunt went on in Hong Kong for 15 long days. Rajusundaram ordered Ajith to accept Nayanthara as his wife and now Ajith is singing duet with Nayanthara.

Rajusundaram ordered Ajith to change his career as a very strict police officer who does things as per the order received from his seniors, and Ajith is doing the same. All the above are for Rajusundaram directed and Ajith starred again. This is the first movie Rajusundaram is directing even though he has been dance master for more than 1000s of movies.


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