Sunday, March 9, 2008

Thotta Review

The film centers on Shanmugam (Jeevan), who suffers a lot in his early days, as his mother dies getting abandoned by her husband. With no one to support his basic needs, a police officers comes to aid adopting him and sooner Shanmugham aka Thotta turns into a gangster and cunning blackmailer.

A serious task binds him together with Nalina (Priyamani) when Thota is urged to acid on her. But Nalina happens to be a good-doer in Shanmugham's life as she had helped him with money to conduct his mother's funeral rites. In contrary, Thotta gets more attached with Nalina who has a great ambition of becoming a police officer. On the attempts of fulfilling Nalina's dreams, he takes up the task of gunning down an union minister in return for a job for Nalina.

But it's a complicated situation for Shanmugham, when the police commissioner who raised him demands to have intercourse with Nalina.

Well, what happens next narrated in predictable manner forms crux of the story…

An innocent man turning into a gangster never seems to be fade in Tamil cinema and along the same queue comes Thotta, a movie you will hate all the time. Well, expectations were more as duo Director Selvah-Jeevan had rocked with yesteryear super hit movie Naan Avanillai. But the same duo have failed to make up for the expectations among the audiences.

A same old tale of an abandoned youngster turning into a gangster and a girl changing his entire course of life is all Thotta about. Poorly drafted screenplay, vague characters and an annoying direction would be main the limelight of the movie. Each and every serious, emotional and action sequences from director's perspective turns out to be an annoying comedy.

Seems like Director Selvah never came to the shooting spots demanding for any perfection from the actors and if you would like to confirm this, kindly watch this movie at your own risk.

Like in his previous films like Kaakha Kaakha and Naan Avanillai, Jeevan does a good job in getting spotted with an action-packed role, but it's a great disappointment his performance in romance part. He is not seen passionate while romancing with his ladylove.

The most annoying part of the movie is the role of baddies played by Mayilsamy, Livingston and Santhanabharathy. Especially, Mayilsaamy irritates a lot with his comedy tracks that doesn't make you laugh.

Priyamani does justice to her performance, but her role isn't convincing and it raises a big question, why she accepts such kind of roles?

Nothing to appreciate about technicians and Srikanth Deva isn't able to analyze the tastes of audiences: His musical score doesn't enhance the feel. The same goes with cinematography and editing.

As a whole, Thotta is a movie that you can watch, if you don't any worthy thing to do.

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