Monday, March 17, 2008

Trisha is No.1 says Trisha

Trisha claims that she is No 1 in Tamil and Telugu and feels Asin has disappeared totally from cine industry.

Yesterday, while speaking to reporters after a long time, she says that she is busy in atleast 3 films in Tamil which includes Kuruvi and two films in Telugu. She also adds that there are plenty of offers pouring in from Hindi, but she does not want to move out of Tamil and Telugu and as she is happy here as No1.

According to her, to attain the number one status in cine industry, it is not just beauty and hard work sufficient. She adds that there are many girls in the industry who are beautyful and who work very hard than her are not able to sustain in the industry.

It is actually the way the girl adjust with the industry personalities and behavior with them and a little bit of luck can only help bringing No1 position to the girls.

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