Thursday, January 24, 2008

Will India rely on the big Three once more if they fail in ODI's

The Indian Selectors now has an intention of having an young side for the shorter format of the game. This is the idea behind dropping Dada and Dravid out of the ODI squad. Will the selectors follow the same stratergy from now for the ODI's by not backing the senior cricketers and relying on these young foots or would they again fall on the feets of the seniors (alone playing well in OZ) for the rescue of the team when these young foots do not do well. The same incident happened in the near past.

1.Calling Dada (who was once considered not to make it to the Indian squad again) back to the squad irrespective of his performance in domestic circuit, when Indian team is not doing well in South Africa.

2.Calling back Sehwag into the test squad for the opening slot although his domestic circuit was not upto the mark.

Will the BCCI take note on this inconsistency with the selectors application towards the Team selection and will BCCI give certain guidelines for this too other than what they have framed already. Will this stop or will follow to destruct the big foundation of this Indian team.

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