Sunday, January 6, 2008

Electronic Medical Records

Benefits of EMR (Electronic Medical Records) software

**The EMR software application facilitates input, storage, transfer and retrieval of medical information within a practice and enables interfacing with other data providers outside the practice.

**The significant financial benefits include savings on transcription, recording and proof reading.

**The EMR electronic medical records software allows doctors to spend their valuable time with new patients without paying for transcription.

**The EMR software provides a PDA interface which allows the doctor to capture superbill details for hospital visits, ensuring that no billing information for a patient is lost. This also allows the doctor to track appointments while on the move.

**The electronic medical record solution also uses the charts database to optimize claim documentations, thus ensuring higher returns for each claim.

**The EMR software solution integrates with Insurance Providers like Medicare etc.

**Has Integration points with other financial ERP/products for GL, AR, and AP like Peach tree, Quick Books, MAS 90, and Great Planes.

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electronic medical records said...

Its nice to know more things about the Electronic medical records. I think Now a days there are more number of softwares available for electronic medical record which will maintain the records

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