Thursday, January 24, 2008

Billa's Help to Kaalai

Ultimate Star Ajith who is called as Thala is known for his humbleness and kindness with others but not shown to the world. Here is one example of this gentleman's character. Kaalai which was released on Jan 14th for pongal happened only due to this Star Ajith. The producer of Kaalai (NIC Arts) who is known for the most number of films produced for Ajith was supposed to pay a huge amount of money to Ajith for his previous films without which Kaalai would not have released this pongal. It was Ajith's good character that allowed the release of this film. Reportedly Ajith has given the NIC Arts producer (Chakravarthy) a written letter by himself that there is no need to pay those remaining amount immediately and let them go on with the release of their new film Kaalai. This shows how good is Ajiths Character. Not to forget that Ajith is one of the few stars in the film industry who take cares of the producers money and at the same time satisfies his fans and be humble to his co-technicians.

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