Thursday, January 24, 2008

Should Dhoni be the next Indian Test Captain

Should the captain of the T-20 Champions, Indian ODI team (M.S.DHONI) be made as the next Indian test team captain. The selectors say that Dhoni is made as the vice-captain just to groom him for the test captaincy. Does he have the eligibility to make it to that big seat. Some things about Dhoni:

*Dhoni is inconsistent with the bat in the test matches in the foreign soils (Australia, South Africa, West Indies).

*The pitches in the above 3 countries will reveal the quality of a good batsmen.

When a batsmen is not able to perform to a good level in the foreign soils, how could he, as a player would contribute to the teams victory. If so how could he be considered and groomed for the next test captaincy. Is this right choice the Indian Selectors have taken. Just considering him for the Test captaincy based on his T-20 win and ODI performances will never make good for anything. Test cricket is all about skill, temperament and it is also a different ball game. Test cricket is the one which shows the real test of character and temperament. When someone who has not yet considered to be good in the cricketing skills, how can the selectors choose him to be groomed for the test captaincy. Where does the Indian Cricket future goes to?

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