Monday, January 14, 2008

Sultan - The Warrior

After successfully watching Sivaji on First day in First show, I was bit amazed at the beginning when I saw the below trailer running before the screen. Well actually Sultan the warrior is India’s first expensive animated movie that is being done on a personality not a simple personality but South India’s great icon Mr. Rajnikanth. This animated movie is produced by his daughter Soundarya Rajnikanth who is the managing director of Ocher Studios. For the first time they are joining hands with AdLabs.

Before talking about the film, lets sneak peek the trailor so that you will understand a bit

Unlike animation movies like Hanuman etc this movie is powered by 3D like sherk, antz etc. India is vastly developing and competing in all sectors especially film industry compete Hollywood soon. Sultan the warrior features Rajinikanth as a myth hero who powers adventures with his charisma and style that we all melt for on seeing. This is not only a full length animation movie but also a sneaked information shows that they are going to release it as pc game. This animated movie is expected to release next year that is on 2008.

Opps i forgot about the music, yep as you guessed the music is composed by our Legend A.R Rahman.

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