Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Why do Banks make you CRY????

If there's one institution tht can make you:-

1. Angry:evil:

2. Frustrated:x

3. Dejected

4. Disgusted:pale:

5. Confused:scratch:

6. Miserable:pale:

7. Happy too:D

It has got to be a bank..They make you run around all over the city, collect long forgotten documents and gawd knows wat all.

I, sadly untill yesterday, had never seen the inside of a bank. So. here I am tryin to encash a cheque n they ask for some clearance n acc no...oooops!!!Dnt have one and mom's the boss.I call up my pa n he yells-"GROW UP"..Oh no, im not angry at him.he's totally right.

Then why did I..I who cry at an average of 1 1/2 a year, find myself howling in front of the bank on the main road???

not sniffle, not drip drip but full throttle bawling..!!

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Great to see Parmacharya's in live and great to hear his inspiring speach on Thodakacharya's acharya bhakthi and acharya's anugraham to him.

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