Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Should Bill Clinton become ambassador for world peace??

Former Andhra Pradesh chief minister Chandrababu Naidu, who introduced ex-president of US Bill Clinton, who opened the annual convention of the Telugu Association of North America in Washington, DC, said he has exhorted Clinton to use his worldwide popularity, credibility and international gravitas to become an ambassador and emissary for world peace.

Naidu said that during a meeting he had with Clinton, before the former president came on stage to address the more than 3,000 Telugus from all across America gathered for the convention, "I requested him one thing -- because he is a leader, a global leader and at the same time very popular all over the world, across all boundaries -- that now it is his duty to work for the benefit of the global community."

"In this regard, I request him to consider a peace mission -- because now we face problems relating to religion, and there is so much fanaticism due to which people hate each other and there are threats to global peace -- so that he can concentrate on (working for) global peace," he said.

Naidu said he has also requested Clinton to take on the mission to alleviate the threat to the planet caused by global warming. "Environment problems are growing in a big way and because of environment problems, there is a threat to our survival."
"Thirdly, there is poverty in India and even after reforms, there is a clear division between the haves and have-nots. Here in America too, there is poverty. I told him that all of us have to work towards eradicating poverty.";
Naidu said the fourth issue was HIV/AIDS and said that he had urged Clinton to take on the HIV/AIDS pandemic that is ravaging parts of Asia and Africa.

"AIDS is a big challenge. These are the four issues I mentioned to him and asked him to take up. Clinton must create a global platform where all of us can work towards eradicating these problems," Naidu added.

"These challenges must be met so that the global community will have peace, prosperity and happiness," he said, and reiterated, "this is what I requested because he is very popular even today," both in America and all across the world.

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