Saturday, October 6, 2007

My Experiments with Life....

SUICIDE.....Deepest Darkness of Despair
"There are few who know the urgency........
The pushing, the tearing
The twist ling, the trying
The moaning, the crying
The desperately dying
Few words could reach me as I suffered the punishing torment as the world of death pushed its way into my heart and mind
Compelling me, darkly drawing me to commit suicide, hurling me towards death and death towards me.
"That's precisely how gut wrenching a near suicidal experience is.
SUICIDE - this silent epidemic which is taking the lives if thousands every year continues to remain an enigma. No one, so far has advanced a good theory explaining the reason but it's important for everyone to be aware of the problem.
It's not a character flaw or a personal weakness. It's a physiological illness with physiological biochemical treatments.
But all this talk makes me wonder rather reaffirm my thought that life is complex. It truly is a roller coaster ride where we all find ourselves in difficult situations (with even more difficult emotions) sometimes hoping........sometimes coping.....often battling and in my case seldom winning.
Why then, some people get through tough situations, look at things in the right perspective, work out a solution, whereas others try to numb the pain and choose to die????
The answer to this question lies in the fact that most people who commit suicide are not just depressed, they suffer from depression. It's as if the depression puts a filter on the persons thinking that distorts things. And teenagers in particular are more vulnerable to depression. Hormones and sleep cycle which both change dramatically during the adolescence can affect mood and our competitive societal setup, fast paced lives, fragile relationships and ever widening generation gap makes matters only worse.
The trouble is, this teenage is bound to create problems for both teens and parents of teens who have trouble understanding a depressed teens confusing signals, after all every one wants to think of their child as happy and confident.So, these passive death wishes, mood swings, irritability, aggression, empty moods perhaps give us a hint that life for these teens is too difficult to grapple with. And it is not just the parental pressure, academic pressure or relationship voes, it's also about getting accepted in ones peers.
Its here that parents should step in, help prevent suicide by fostering an open and honest communication. They should try and understand that love and family dynamics play a very crucial role in child's upbringing.
Some parents are still not open to the idea of counseling. They feel they can handle it all by themselves. They must pay attention to serious depression; the risks are too great if they don't.
Proper therapy can treat depression and distorted thinking is thus cleared. The common misconception is that those who try to kill themselves must be crazy. Actually most of them are not insane or psychotic. They are upset, grief-stricken and despairing to an extent that they can't look for coping mechanisms with often no family or friends support, thus no one to turn to.
Suicide just causes malfunctioning in the brain that fools you! In reality, if ones caught in a crisis, its time to fix ones life and not end it.
Let this......this very moment be the beginning of a new understanding of your heart and soul. A start of a truly happier more appreciated existence on this earth and in this life!!

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