Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Unfortunate Phenomenon Of Melodramatic Males

I’ve noticed that more and more guys today are quite comfortable with crying in public. And the strange thing is that it is being treated as perfectly acceptable behaviour. For example, Cristiano Ronaldo sobbing after Portugal lost in the World Cup, and all the girls in the world collectively going “Awww” (Or “Ooooh”, depending on their mood at the time). I know it’s understandable in his case because he was playing for his country and that must mean a lot to him, but this is happening far too often.Now I don’t think its wrong for a guy to cry, but there must be certain stipulations:a. Not crying more than once in a public location.b. He should have a maximum allowance of one emotional breakdown per year in front of friends. If he doesn’t cry in that one year, the emotional breakdown from that year cannot be carried over to the next year. So don’t even think about saving up for a sob marathon.c. He must have a legitimate reason. Like a pet dying or something. But guys crying because they fouled out of a basketball game in school? Guys crying because some girl whose name they don’t even remember dumped them? Guys crying because a fellow guy friend does not give them enough attention and instead concentrates on the hot girl with big boobs? These are NOT legitimate reasons.The main reason I brought this topic up is because I am worried. I am worried that someday in the near future, guys who don’t cry will be looked down upon by society. I’ll be walking the streets and guys will be passing comments like, “Oh look, it’s the guy that doesn’t cry! What a fag! I heard this one girl stood him up on a date and he didn’t even shed a tear. How lame is that?? I bet he doesn’t even have a tissue or a handkerchief with him right now. Wanna know why? Because he’s the guy that doesn’t cry!!” , followed by 70% of his homeboys cracking up and waving their pink hankies in the air, and the other 30% crying and blowing their noses into their hankies because they sympathize with my plight.Guys like me aren’t the only ones who should be worried right now. Girls who appreciate and encourage this unfortunate phenomenon should be wary as well. Right now you might say “Wow, he’s so comfortable with his masculinity that he isn’t afraid to share his feelings and cry” or “I love a man in touch with his feminine side”….But you just wait till the day comes when he starts sobbing uncontrollably because you told him you thought those pants made him look fat. You just wait…

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