Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ask Yourself

Important questions to ask yourself.

1. Do you make promises or commitments?

2. Do you make friends before you need them?

3. Do you have a strong will or a strong won’t?

4. The last times you failed, did you stop trying because u failed or you failed because u stopped trying?

5. What is it like to be my friend?

6. Are you making a living or a life?

7. Do you risk enough to exercise your faith on God?

8. Do you say our Father on Sunday and act like orphan on weekdays?

9. Does failure discourage or brings determinations?

10. Do you exist or do you live?

11. Is God your hope or an excuse?

12. What dominates you day?

13. How may happy selfish do you know?

14. How many people do you know who became successful at something they hate?

15. What force is more powerful than Love?

16. What is your most prevailing thought?

17. Are you running from something or to something?

18. Who is that person you need to forgive?

19. What impossible thing you believe and are planning for?

20. What is one things that you can do for someone else who has no opportunity to repay you?

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