Monday, October 8, 2007


Here are a few facts I thought are very strangely true...
  • The first time when u meet someone, u form an opinion. Once you get to know that person over a period of time, your opinion for that person becomes the complete opposite of what it was initially!
  • The more you say “I don’t care!”, the more you care!(heheh!)
  • A compliment by your best enemy remains etched in your mind for a longer time, than a compliment you received from your friend!
  • When you become good friends with someone, you start finding that person good looking, even if he/she isn’t conventionally good looking!
  • We all are hypocrites to some extent, no matter how much we deny it..
  • Your true confidante is you, yourself..
  • You can never hate or forget your first crush, even if he/ she was a true imagery of…say…serverus snape!(I still think snape is an interesting character!)
  • No matter how much we detest these silly superstitions, some how, mysteriously we get this fit of superstition on some big day of our life(exam, job interview, big presentation, result day..etc etc!)
  • If we beg, plead for advise from someone, we still weigh other options before following that advise.
  • No one is a true extrovert..we are all hiding some major secrets inside us.
  • We crave for unexpected holidays..and when we get them, we have no idea what to do..!
  • We are different people at home, in front of friends, at workplace, in front of strangers. And no matter how much you shake your head and give me a long list of justifications..believe me, ITS TRUE!
  • Your closest friend is a good listner…;-)

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