Sunday, September 28, 2008

Will Chika turn around a new revolution in Indian Cricket???

Chairman of the National Senior Cricket Selection Committee Krish Srikkanth has set his eyes on building a mighty squad to repeat the 1983 glory of winning the World Cup in 2011, which will be held in the Indian subcontinent.

"In the long term, we have 2011 World Cup. We will develop a team towards that World Cup. It is a slow process. But every Indian's dream has been to win the World Cup again after 1983," the former India cricketer told.

The chairman, however, is considering selecting a quality squad for upcoming four-Test series against world champion Australia as his immediate challenge. The high-octane series will commence on October 9 in Bangalore.

"Obviously our first task is to select the best possible team to play against Australia, who have already landed here," he said.

Srikkanth also insisted that he is open to any critisism and will accept the opinions of those, who will censure him in right spirit.

"I will have to take criticism in right spirit. I will have to be nice enough to accept it. We are all used to criticism as everything cannot happen the way you want. Often things go the other way as well," the former right-hand batsman, who represented India in 43 Tests, said.

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