Monday, September 8, 2008

Team Sports Guide

I came across a site that was really great which was about Team Sports. We are generally involved in playing Team Sports like Cricket,football etc when we feel bored or play when we are free. But we tend to look upon somethings like, do we have the kit to play nor do we know how to play. The site which i told had given a list of sports and have displayed the equipments needed to play the game in an link. It had also given complete guidance to select the good quality sports equipments. They have also displayed the different products available at the stores along with the prices.

For example, i am a person who loves cricket more than anything. But the only problem i had was that, i do not know the places where i could get the bat, ball and other components of the cricket kit along with their respective prices. I went to the link cricket and when i was browsing through the equipments used in cricket like bat,wicket and ball, i was able to see different kinds of tennis ball used for playing cricket which i have never heard from anyone. I was able to see variety of bats produced by various manufacturers.

Another interesting feature that i saw in this site is that it had given information about the skills needed to play a particular sport and has also given us ideas of selecting a good sports product. When i visited this site, i was able to learn about some other sports which i did not know to play. This feature in this site really impressed me. For all those who would like to view what i have seen, do visit this site and make a game of youselves.

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