Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Victim

my world was dark

yet i was safe

in my mothers womb i lay

i felt her warmth

i lived in her

from the beginning of my day

a foetus i was ,not yet a child

yet in my mind i knew

some day i would see the world

i would be a baby new

the world i'd see

and i would grow

slowly into a man

and later on when time would come

a family i would plan

alas!for me

i felt a chill

when suddenly my parents planned to kill me

they wanted to get rid of me

as children they did not want

"oh no!"i shouted

"i want to live

i want to be a child

i want to see ur lovely world

i'll be meek and mild!"

no one heard my cry of pain

when instruments tore at me

and in my mothers womb i was slain

now i'll never be a child

nor the world i'll see........

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