Thursday, December 13, 2007

Kargil Tears

Unselfishly,you left your fathers and mothers,

You left behind your sisters and your brothers,

Leaving your children and wife,

You put on hold your dreams and your lives.

On Himalayan soil you found yourself planted,

To fight those who took our goodwill for granted,

Without your sacrifice our freedom would be lost,

But you carried onward,no matter what the cost.

I stood and watched as a mother cried,

When she heard that her son had died;

I watched a father hold back his tears,

His son had lived only a scant twenty-one years.

A little girl didn't understand where her brother had passed on,

But she knew that he would never again play with her on the lawn,

In the tears that now streams down my upturned face,

As the flag waves above us, in glory and in grace

Freedom was the gift that thy unselfishly gave,

Pain and death was the price that they ultimately paid.

Everyday,I give my utmost admiration

To those who had fought to defend our nation.

A Tribute to those who lost life in Kargil

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