Thursday, January 27, 2011

Eden Garden will not host India England match in World Cup

A sad news for all the fans in India. The match between India and England was supposed to be hosted by Eden Gardens on Feb 27th 2011. But there was a twist today in the news. ICC has now confirmed that the India England match will not happen in Eden Gardens. The stadium which is known to have hosted some great and exciting matches in the past is under shame because of irresponsible officials of Cricket Association of Bengal. The reason behind this decision is the unpreparedness of the ground which is undergoing renovation. What are these officials doing. Though they can't promote in a good way, which can't they atleast host a match that too a world cup match. The match which was cancelled will most probably be hosted in Bangalore. Hope they prepare the stadium for the rest of the matches, or it is the biggest embarassment for Indian Cricket.

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