Sunday, July 20, 2008

Satyam Songs Free Download

1.Ada Gada Gada... where do i begin! When i heard this song and saw the sets by thotha tharani ... I was amazed. This song features Nayantara, me and large no of children... this super fantasy song will be a big hit with children... I had a blast shooting for this song ... It was simply fantastic

2. Ennanbe... This song was shot in turkey in incrideble locations... Mind blowing scenery... You have to see to believe it... Harris Jeyaraj has his way of getting it just perfect when it come to a romantic song.

3. Aradi Kathey... This is my introduction song. It shows me in various aspects of the character i play in the film... This song is sung by Hariharan... who is simply amazing .

4. Challame Challame... Oh my god one of the most erotic songs in Tamil Cinema. Everything is perfect right from the song, lyrics, the camera... Nayantara is looking absolutly stunning... People who have seen the pictures and heard the song are going gaga about it...

5. Pal Pali... This is a folk song... This was shot in Thenkasi and Coutrallam. You all will love this song. Its a total dance song where one can dance to...

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