Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Aishwarya to direct

Let it be north indian Ambanies or South India Rajini family, the wards of the fame always seems to fight with each other on getting the greater share of property.

This story is about Rajini's two daughters. While Aishwarya, the elder one was always busy dating a boy of her choice and finally married Danush, the younger Soundarya is busy learning and making her dad proud.

The shine of Soundarya is irritating the elder Aish, and she too wants to atleast try what the younger does.

Soundarya is directing an animation movie, and that is a news of the stone age. The latest is that Aish wants to direct a movie like that of Soundarya and is found discussing with everyone whom ever she come across!

Aish has forced her husband actor Danush to become a director and soon Danush is to direct a movie.

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